A downloadable game for Windows

The Earth Elevator is an educational VR experience where you take an elevator to the center to the earth. The elevator makes several stops along the way to provide you with information about each layer and time to look around.

It is recommended that while taking the tour you be in a position where there is plenty of open space in front of you so that you will be able to reach in-game buttons without hitting real-world objects.


Windows 8 or higher
Oculus Runtime 0.7
Leap Motion


earthelevator7_win.zip 92 MB


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how do you start at the welcome scene

When the top right set of hands (light, male) are selected there is a bit of a problem with the left hand, all of the fingers are stuck together in a clump. This does not happen for any of the other hand models.

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll look into it.

ETA: I've uploaded a new version and the hand should now display correctly.